The Man Behind DeHood – Reagan Denton

The Manor and beyond working together to create an environment where people are happy and where they care for each other. Already DeHood has improved the quality of life for residents in the local community but we are still fighting hard to scale DeHood global so it can change the lives of many more people in need and give people from all types of backgrounds equal opportunities to achieve success by empowering them to make their dreams a reality.


“It’s our duty at DeHood to ensure that any youngster who wants too can improve their lifestyle by being in a safe to fail environment, surrounded by positive people and many great opportunities

– Reagan Denton – Former Yorkshire Boxing Champion 


World Class Facilities

We have a fully functional and modern gym, professional boxing ring, indoor & outdoor space for all types of sports, activities, and engaging creative classes.

World Class Training

At DeHood we have specialist trainers for all of our range of classes, including Reagan Denton who previously won the title of the Yorkshire boxing champion.

World Class Support

We care for those in need and that means everyone. We offer support to anyone from vulnerable & traumatised people to drug/alcohol addicts and the homeless.

World Class Family

At DeHood, no one is left behind. We are a family that sticks together through the good times and bad times and we work together to support every single member.